Throughout our quest to unlock the secrets of good chocolate we were inventive, working with what we had and learning along the way. Our search for the best cocoa beans took us all over the world but it was Africa that provided the quality, complexity and richness of flavor that we were looking for.

Africa produces over 70% of the world’s cocoa beans but only 3% of the world’s chocolate. And even less than that amount is produced by Africans themselves. We set out to change this fact. To bring African passion, energy and uniqueness to a commodity enjoyed throughout the world. 

The beautiful, tropical Bundibugyo region of Western Uganda is where we source our cocoa beans. We are UTZ Certified, and as part of this program, we strive for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The program assists in the generation of better crops, higher income and greater opportunities, whilst simultaneously safeguarding our natural resources. It’s better farming for a better future for the best cocoa on Earth. 

Once we’d found the cocoa beans we wanted to use to make our 70% dark chocolate, we set out to find a way to make milk chocolate that conveyed the same complexity as most commercial dark chocolates do. We eventually found a way with 33% – 34% cocoa content.

After that, we created our uniquely African flavors with no artificial ingredients, flavorants, colorants, stabilizers and preservatives. A renowned African chef handcrafted our honeycomb, we use fresh vanilla pods from Uganda, roast our own single estate coffee and American almonds, and we make our own crunchy biscotti in our studio. Everything is created with care and attention to detail.


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