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COVID-19 has destroyed so many businesses and livelihoods. It also severely impacted our business. Disasters such as this often force one to rethink the direction you’re going in. This happened to us. The lockdown afforded us the rare opportunity to stop and re-evaluate projects that we had started years ago but never had the time to develop fully.

We are now ready to launch two world-first ranges of chocolate bars. The first, using a unique combination of sugar replacers that have no negative side effects, and plant-based milk alternatives. The result is a range of low carb vegan milk chocolates that are richer and creamier than the dairy alternative. The range is registered with the Vegan Society and Rainforest Alliance and  KETO Certified.

You can find more scientific information on the range here.

More importantly, customers love it. We have received rave reviews to date.  Below is an example:

Best Ever!

The No added sugar & Nut butter slabs are to die for! Having diabetes, I always need to be conscious of my sugar levels. My sugar levels stayed in a healthy range even if I ate a whole slab! Best Diabetic friendly chocolate I have ever had and most definitely the tastiest. Had to double check to see if it's not the real deal...

You will find lots more reviews on our social media pages and here. (Please scroll to the bottom of the page).

At the same time we developed the richest and creamiest dairy-free mylk chocolate on the market. The range is registered with the Vegan Society and is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

You will find more on the backstory of this range here

Customers are loving it:

Chocolate Dream - Everything you could possibly want in a chocolate and then a bit more!

I never thought that a vegan chocolate could possibly be so delicious and creamy! If it wasn't for the vegan label no-one would know it is. I am convinced that this is the best vegan chocolate in the world! I loved all the flavors, but my favorite has to be the coconut and hazelnut. Will definitely be back for more!

There's a lot more to see on our social media pages and here. (Please scroll to the bottom of the page).

We are looking for retail partners to introduce both ranges globally and would appreciate your consideration.

Crucial to the selection process is that a prospective retail partner will agree to store and merchandise the product in an airconditioned environment so as to ensure optimal product quality.

If you comply with the above, we would love to partner with you.

For more information, please send us a message  through the "Connect with us" page here.

If you are ready to apply, please click on the link below and complete the application form.



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